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What Dynamic Pricing can do to your Hotel Revenue

Image credit: Tnooz Airlines practice it. So do online retailers and sports event organizers. Should hotels be an exception, then? Dynamic pricing, also known as time-based pricing, is a revenue-management strategy employed by various industries, involving real-time tweaking of prices of products or services on the basis of their demand and supply. Dynamic pricing in the hotel Industry Thanks to…

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Hotels, Improve your Online Distribution Strategy with Six Simple Tips

Hotels have to be spot-on with their online distribution strategy because how the guest has made his booking can make a big difference to a hotel’s bottom line. Hoteliers have to focus on their operating efficiency via appropriate rate distribution management. The idea is to work out a channel mix to optimize maximum output with maximum profit. The focus is…

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Image Credit: Trisna Widia, the Corporate Internet Marketing & E-Commerce Manager with Ankur Yadav, AM Customer Success, APAC, RateGain

The Brilliant Hotelier: Prime Plaza Hotels and Resorts, Indonesia

Image Credit: Trisna Widia, the Corporate Internet Marketing & E-Commerce Manager with Ankur Yadav, AM Customer Success, APAC, RateGain Prime Plaza Hotels and Resorts – ‘The Signature of Indonesian Hospitality’ is a proud establishment delivering genuine hospitality services. The group encompasses a wide range of services and brands to cater to the diverse needs of the modern day traveler. These…

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Heat Map EUR

Parity Performance September 2016. Where does your city stand? – Europe

In the RateGain September 2016 report, the degree of parity performance observed for hotels in Europe (EUR) between their brand websites and the OTAs show variation by location. London maintained maximum parity with 62% in the 3-star hotel category, followed closely by Edinburgh, which emerged as the city practicing a 54% parity. In the 4-star and 5-star categories, Helsinki and…

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Weary of Disruption? 5 Simple Steps to Disrupt the Disruptions in the Rapidly Changing Hospitality Industry

Disruptors in the global hotel industry – everything from home-sharing sites like Airbnb, Tujia, HomeAway, BnB Hero and Roomorama, to OTAs and other new sets of investors, have been rapidly carrying out acquisitions. They have been able to successfully create a torment in travel and hospitality landscape. But instead of focusing on how to battle disruptors through legislation and PR,…

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RateGain's Hospitality Rate Parity Trends for 3 Star Hotels - ME (Aug 2016)

Parity Performance August 2016. Where does your city stand? – Middle East

The degree of parity performance observed for hotels in Middle East (ME) between their brand websites and the OTAs show variation by location in the August 2016 report. Cairo maintained maximum parity with 100% in the 3-star hotel category, while Tel Aviv and Sharjah emerged as the cities practicing maximum parity with 59% and 100% in the 4-star and 5-star…

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Image Credit: The team of Landmark Hotels & Suites with Kunwardeep Singh

The Brilliant Hotelier: Tête-à-Tête with Richard Lewis, the CEO of Landmark Hotels, Dubai

Welcome to Dubai, the metropolis of dreams which encompasses an unforgettable taste of the Arabian nights. In the heart of Dubai’s bustling shopping and entertainment arena lies a cosmopolitan and excellent 4-star hotel – The Landmark Grand Deira. The hotel complex is fast evolving into a magnet for business and leisure travellers alike. Being handily placed near the famous Al Ghurair…

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Disruption in the Hotel Industry and Changing Face of the Global Travel Market

Influence of the modern day traveler has disrupted the monotone within the hospitality industry by giving rise to a wave of innovative ideas, ingenious solutions and permanent changes. Despite the amount of vulnerabilities faced by the global travel market, it has been expanding at a rapid pace. According to PhoCusWright, the industry will add $206 billion in gross bookings in…

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Hotels, Are You Prepared for Digital Detox Travelers?

“We do not have Wi-Fi…talk to each other. Pretend it is 1995.” read a Café board in Annapolis, Maryland, a picture of which went viral on Facebook in December 2015. What makes cafés and restaurants put up such displays nowadays? These are supposed to be places where colleagues, friends, and families connect over a bite or a drink. But well,…

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