RateGain’s Top 12 Blogs of 2016

Are you looking for some great hospitality and travel technology blogs to add to your daily reading? Look no further because you have reached the right place! We have reviewed all our blog posts from the past year and have finally pulled together our final list, based on content quality, post frequency, reader involvement and social shares. Here are the…

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Managing Real-Time Room Inventories Across Multiple OTAs

We know that hotels choose to manage their OTAs or Online Travel Agents through an extranet, which might be linked to a preferred channel management software. A quota of the entire inventory is allotted through this interface, so the hotel’s rooms can be put up on the OTA (during off season and season periods) for proper distribution. When occupancy is…

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Ria Roberto, Director of Revenue Management at Kenz Hotel Management

The Brilliant Hotelier: Face 2 Face with Ria Roberto, the Director of Revenue Management at Kenz Hotel Management, UAE

  Image Credit: Experience true grandeur at the Al Manzel Hotel Apartments, right in the middle of the commercial district of Abu Dhabi, the city better known as ‘The Las Vegas of Middle Eastern Dubai’. This alluring property effortlessly captures the city’s essence, which reverberates in a bespoke and artistically stimulating ambiance. On one hand, the hotel carefully anticipates…

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Businessman doing tightrope walking in risk concept

Walking the Tight Rope; High ADR and Low Distribution Cost

Tips for hoteliers to balance online and direct bookings. “Minimise costs, maximise revenues” — the quest is ubiquitous across all businesses. With no exceptions for the hotel industry. With the costs running high into labor, debt, franchise fees, utilities and real estate taxes, little can hoteliers do little to really ‘minimise’ the cost of operation. But an area does exist where…

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Parity Performance November 2016. Where does your city stand? – APAC

The degree of rate parity observed for hotels in APAC between brand websites and the OTAs clearly depict a stark variation by location, in the November 2016 report. The table below shows a snapshot. Cities Showing Highest Parity Compliance in APAC Cities Showing Highest Parity Violation in APAC Shanghai                3 star   91% Bali & Jakarta      4 star  …

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7 Quick Tips for your Hotel Pre-Opening in 2017

Are you opening a hotel soon? This New Year, adopt the correct prioritization approach in your hotel pre-opening roadmap. Image Credit: Bigstock Entering into the market with a brand new hotel comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. After all, hotel business development and planning can be highly demanding, especially during the pre-opening phase. As a hotel general…

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Be the Revenue Management Hero of your Hotel

Expectations from the people working in the hospitality industry are always high and is growing even stronger every year. This need is very much driven by smart and over-demanding customer type this industry caters to. The shelf life of any trend, service or technology in the hospitality industry is very short. Before you could even realize, a competitive offering that…

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book directly

Hotels, Let’s Go Direct!

It is not an astonishing piece of news anymore that online bookings play a key role in the hospitality industry, bypassing the offline channel of bookings tremendously. The trend has definitely sharpened over the last few years, where 60% of all hotel bookings are now done digitally (failteireland). Having said that, Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) have become a dominant part of…

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Tips to Build Customer Loyalty for Your Restaurant

Have you ever tackled restaurant reputation management in your hotel before? Image Credit: Medialabs If your answer is yes, you would stand by me when I say that the task is complex but not impossible! The rise of mobile technology and social media, and the practice of leveraging them to influence purchasing decisions in restaurant reputation management, have become widespread…

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Summer Vacation And Online Booking

Systems Reliability, A Necessity for Hotel Operations: Part 2

Image Credit: Bigstock In the introduction post to Systems Reliability blog series, we discussed a high-level overview of the different types of systems and common challenges that we often hear from our potential customers. In this blog series, we will discuss one of the most frequently discussed issues which is a lack of integrations and interfaces. According to a study…

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